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Starbucks Japan Hokkaido Mug

Starbucks Japan Hokkaido Mug

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This is the Hokkaido design of the "Been There Series" developed at Starbucks around the world.
It was designed in the image of the winter scene that is synonymous with Hokkaido. There are many Hokkaido-style motifs such as children wrapped in winter clothing, the cute wild bird Shimaenaga, wood-carved bears, hairy crabs, and seafood bowls. The key colors are blue, which is inspired by the snow that falls steadily, and yellow-green, which is an image of the richness of nature.

It is a limited product that can only be purchased at some stores in Hokkaido.

This product is limited to 3 pieces.(When it runs out, it is undecided when it will arrive next.)

  • Please read the handling precautions before use.
  • Size : 5.35×3.82×3.5 in
  • Real capacity : 13.99 oz
  • Material : porcelain
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