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Yuraku Black Thunder Matcha(Kyoto and Osaka limited)

Yuraku Black Thunder Matcha(Kyoto and Osaka limited)

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Attention all matcha taste lovers, this product is like a perfect match, only available alongside the snack box. Don't let it slip away!

The chocolate bar "Black Thunder" has annual sales of over 200 million units.
It is loved not only in Japan but also by Japanese snack lovers all over the world.

Retaining the texture of the popular Black Thunder, the chocolate coating uses Uji matcha, making it a product that allows you to enjoy the crunchy texture and authentic matcha flavor.

Limited number

  • Brand name: Yuraku Matcha Black Thunder (Kyoto and Osaka limited)
  • Flavor : Rich Matcha
  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Number of units : 12 pieces
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