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Langue de Chat Biscuits (JP Shiroi Koibito Park)

Langue de Chat Biscuits (JP Shiroi Koibito Park)

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Savor the sweet magic of Saqu—our delightful cat tongue biscuit! 🍫✨ Crafted with expertise by ISHIYA, each colorful bite unveils the deliciousness of ShiroiKoibito. Six unique flavors, meticulously baked for that perfect melt-in-your-mouth bliss. Elevate your treat game with Chocolate Blanc et Langue de Chat perfection! 🌈🐾 

Limited number

  • Brand name :  Shiroi Koibito Langue de Chat Cookies Japan
  • Taste :  3 pieces of caramel, 3 pieces of Hokkaido cheese, 3 pieces of Hokkaido wine, 3 pieces of gianduja, 3 pieces of milk, 3 pieces of matcha milk
  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Contents : 18 pieces / 30 pieces / 48 pieces
  • The estimated shipping date is 12/5 from Japan

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